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AppleScript and MacWise for OS X

AppleScript and MacToPic Plus

MacToPic + version 8 or later supports AppleScript commands. Many functions of MacToPic + can be controlled by a script (such as transferring data to and from the host, sending commands to the host and messages to the MacToPic + user.) Scripts compiled as applications can be run from "Run AppleScript" under the Special Menu. For instance, you can write a script to transfer data from the host to a file on your Macintosh and then tell another application to open that file. AppleScripts can be run locally or from a remote Macintosh.

MacToPic + has many custom AppleScript commands built into it's dictionary. These commands are used in Apple's Script Editor to write custom scripts.

To see all of the AppleScript commands in the MacToPic + dictionary, check out

Using AppleScript With MacToPic Plus

Download some sample scripts to get you started and show you the potential for using AppleScript with MacToPic +. There are 25 scripts here.

As new sample scripts are added, they will be available here in the

More Sample Scripts file. There are currently four scripts here including an example of performing a task at a specific time each day.

Get a demo of MacToPic + version 9. It will last for 7 days and then expire.

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Here is a simple example of an AppleScript. This script tells MacToPic Plus to become the frontmost application (activate) and send a message to the host computer. The message in this example is LIST BP which would list all the basic programs on the host computer in the BP file. Copy this example and paste it into Apple's Script Editor and run it to see how it works.
(Requires MacToPic Plus version 8 or later).
--Note: the tm is Option-2 on the keyboard
tell application "MacToPic +tm"
SendHostMessage "LIST BP"
end tell


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