Carnation Software
MacWise - Macintosh Terminal Emulation - telnet / serial for OS X - Wyse, Viewpoint, VT100, VT220

Download MacWise

MacWise Version 17.0.2
Installer for Intel Macs running Mac OS 10.6 or later
1.9 MB download dmg file.

Macintosh Terminal Emulation for Wyse, VT100, VT220, Viewpoint and more.


After you download the installer, you will have a file called
"MacWise Installer.dmg" in your standard download location.
(That might be on the desktop or it might be in the Downloads folder)
Double click on that file to mount the "MacWise Installer" disk image on your desktop.

Just drag the MacWise and MacWise Fonts icons as explained on the installer screen.

MacWise Version 14.3.7 for Older Macs
Installer for Intel and PPC Macs running Mac OS 10.5 or 10.4
3 MB download dmg file.