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"String Length Error, port assigned to variable limit of 31" and then crash if a serial port name was too long. Happened most often with bluetooth port names.

Upgrade to MacWise or later


VT100 / VT220 Ansi Colors. Some color codes were not working and extra characters were appearing on the screen such as ;2H

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.70 or later


Some Ansi background colors would not show up on the screen until you manually refreshed the screen by clicking on the grow box.

Graphic drawing characters in 16-point IBM font set were not lining up horizontally because the dash character (-) was one pixel too low.

The MacWiseFont Installer was installing the font in the classic folder instead of the user font folder.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.68 or later.


When the host sent multiple print jobs to MacWise, you would get a -50 or -30879 printing error.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.68 or later


Switching to 24 point font and large window could cause an array bounds error if you were in 156 column screen mode.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.67 or later


If you close the connection to the host, you can not open it again (when you select Close Connection from the Connection Menu or Option - O from the keyboard).

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.64 or later

This problem only existed in MacWise 10.7.63


Cannot open the MacWise Register window and therefore cannot register MacWise.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.63 or later

(problem was caused by changes made in MacWise 10.7.62)


Telnet or ssh connections close after a period of idle time.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.62 or later. This version adds an option to keep the TCP connection alive. Look under the Special Menu for this option.


After Upgrading to OS X 10.4 Tiger, the incorrect font is being used. The symptom is that columns do not line up correctly. The other symptom is that the flashing cursor does not completely erase the cursor line when it flashes on and off. More Info

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.61


"Connection refused by host" or "Invalid terminal type" when opening a telnet connection.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.58 or later.

This release of MacWise adds a telnet option, "Use the tc shell to log in".
When this option is enabled, MacWise first logs into the Mac unix tc shell before issuing telnet commands and opening the connection. This option provides more compatibility with host computers that request the terminal type.

Note: This problem can also be caused by situations beyond MacWise control. Other possibilities are that your host will only allow certain IP addresses to log in or requires a client ID. Look at your Network Connection preferences under the TCP/IP tab for those options.


Various problems connecting to your host with a modem. This is normally caused by an incorrect initialization string causing your Mac modem to have problems communicating with your host modem.

Visit our modem troubleshooting web page


If you get the following error message when trying to login to a secure SSH host (or similar message), you may need to fix or trash your known_hosts file on the Mac.

Someone could be eavesdropping on you right now (man-in-the-middle attack)!
It is also possible that the RSA host key has just been changed.

Please contact your system administrator.
Add correct host key in /Users/"YourUserName"/.ssh/known_hosts to get rid this message.
Offending key in /Users/"YourUserName"/.ssh/known_hosts:1
RSA host key has changed and you have requested strict check.
Host key verification failed.

NOTE: Substitute your real user account name for "YourUserName"

Your SSH key data is stored in a file called known_hosts inside of an invisible folder called .SSH in your user folder on the Mac.
It might be corrupted and you need to trash it.
To do that, first do a Find from the Finder. Search for known_hosts
It should find that file in the .SSH folder.
Drag known_hosts to the trash.
Then run MacWise and connect to your host.
It will warn you that you are creating a new key. Just say yes to that question.

(Or if you connect to multiple hosts and only have a problem with one host, you could just edit the known_hosts file with Text Edit and remove the line with the IP address of the host that is causing you login problems.)


SSH secure shell options would not work unless you put a space at the end of the option field. (Additional Login Options in the Secure Shell Connection... window)

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.55 or later.


Print Scrollback Buffer was not working if the PrinterTemp file was empty. Selecting Print Scrollback Buffer would do nothing intermittently.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.54 or later.


You could get a Port Error message if “Receive Faxes on this Computer” was checked.
Only seems to happen on a Mac with a Dash modem.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.53 or later.

Uncheck “Receive Faxes on this Computer” in the Print & Fax System Preference.


MacWise installer was installing MacWise into the user Applications folder. Changed back to installing in Applications folder at the root level. This apparently happened when some version of OS X was released.

Fix - Array Bounds Error at line 13556

24-Point window size was not being remembered when you upgraded MacWise if you had the option to remember window positions turned on.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.52 or later.


Hang Up would not work with internal modem on fast G5 Macs.

Printing jobs under host control with form feeds did not work correctly with all paper sizes.

MacWise installer was installing MacWise into the user Applications folder. Changed back to installing in Applications folder at the root level. This apparently happened when some version of OS X was released.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.51


Page Setup settings not being remembered when you quit and run MacWise.

When printing multiple pages, the print dialog box always says that there are 9999 pages.

MacWisePrinterFont is printing small spaces between some graphic drawing characters.

Left and top margins of printed pages too small and causing text to be clipped.


Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.5 or later.


Left Arrow was not working if Backspace = Delete option was enabled in Wyse mode.

Would get Array Bounds error if you re-sized the window in a 24-point font window in 132 col mode with 9-point font selected.

If anything under the Dialer Menu was selected with the emulate window closed, you would get a Window error. It could also corrupt the MacWise settings files. Now opens the window if it is not open.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.22 or later.


Could not open the modem port on newer Macs using Motorola modem drivers. (Specifically, internal Jump modems with Motorola driver sm56k version 1.1.1)
You might get a Port Error message when opening the connection or no message but the connection would not open.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.21 or later.


If the Carnation Software Prefs folder did not exist, MacWise would not create a new one. Instead, it would store the settings files in it’s own MacWise folder. This would happen if you trashed the existing Carnation Software Prefs folder and did not run the installer again.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.15 or later


Array bounds error when switching between 80 and 156 column mode in the 24-point large window.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.14 or later


Error, "Length > 255 while adding strings".

This would happen if the host sent a text line longer than 255 characters wide.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.05 or later

You can now capture text lines wider than 255 characters. This applies to text captures for the clipboard, a file or the printer. Screen Textwrap must be un-checked for this to work.


When scrolling back to previous pages, duplicate rows of data could appear if the scrollback buffer was full.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.03 or later.


Could not use 24 point font if window resolution was exactly 1280 wide.

Clicking on a URL to launch a web page was not working.
Now if a URL or email is displayed on the MacWise screen, you can click to launch your browser or email program.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.02 or later


MacWiseFont does not print. (previous versions used a bitmapped font that would not print in OS X so you had to use Courier or Monaco. Now MacWiseFont uses a TrueType font to print and works with graphic line drawing characters and international characters.

All pages printed after the first page could possibly change the font size to a different size than the first page.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.6.87 or later


When printing scrolling text with no page breaks, only the first page would print.

Host-To-Mac transfer window would not open if using serial connection.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.6.84 or later


When you do an Option V on the keyboard, telnet escapes back to the TELNET command mode because it is sending a Control [.

Upgrade to MacWise version 10.6.8 or later

This version allows you to enter a telnet option command into the Telnet Connection window. Then enter the escape command followed by an escape character of your choosing,


Some Macs could get "MacWiseFont not found" message even though the font was installed.

Modem Init Strings. If an init string ended with a number, the modem init would fail. For example if your init string forces the connection at 9600 baud using this string...

Upgrade to MacWise version 10.6.7 or later.


VT100 / VT220 keypad top row should function as PF1 thru PF4 when in alternate keypad mode.

Upgrade to MacWise version 10.6.6 or later.


Graphic characters would turn on but would not turn off when foreign internationaal characters were selected by the host computer.

Upgrade to MacWise version 10.6.5 or later.


Foreign country keyboards would not work with 7-bit NRC character set.

MacWise could crash when displaying the two-day expiration notice attempting to launch the IE browser.

Upgrade to MacWise version 10.6.4 or later


Some menu items were missing when used with Panther (Mac OS X 10.3).

Upgrade to MacWise version 10.6.3 or later.
Some screens are very slow (depends on the ascii codes being sent from the host for that screen. Upgrade to MacWise version 10.6 or later.
This version is up to 20 times faster.
There is a fee for this upgrade.


Break using Command B does not work for Serial ports.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.4.1 or later


If window was closed and then opened with a serial port open, it would ask you to select a serial port again.
Also, would not remember the serial port used if window was closed when you quit MacWise.

Telnet connection to some hosts may have no characters echoed when you type until you hit return.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.4 or later


Connection Scripts don't work with Mac unix shell.

Shifted function keys do not work with iBook.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.3.5 or later

Note: iBook function keys require that you hold down the fn key in combination with the function key.


Garbage or question marks on screen when using 7-bit serial connections.

Modem not hanging up on quit if using external modem.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.3.4 or later


MacWise unexpectedly quits when upgrading to a new version and would not run until MacWise Prefs were trashed.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.3.2 or later

This problem only occurred in prior versions when you were using the large window with 16-point font and upgraded to a later MacWise version.


H's appear on screen when in VT220 emulation mode.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.3.1 or later

Problem was with 132 column cursor addressing.


16-Point Font and window is wide but not tall enough for easy reading

Upgrade to MacWise 10.3 or later


Fkeys do not work properly when struck quickly and repeatedly.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.2.8 or later


If modem port was open when you quit, you could get a system kernel panic crash with an error display in many languages.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.2.7 or later


I need the window and font to be larger .

Upgrade to MacWise 10.3 or later for a better 16-Point font.

You can make the MacWise window and font larger by selecting "16 Point Font and Large Window" from the Window Menu.
Also select "Use Large Font for 132 column mode".

You can also make your screen resolution 832 X 624 to fill the screen with the MacWise window.

If that is not large enough for you...
Press the Command and Option and * keys, then press Command and Option and the + key to zoom in, Command and Option and the - key to zoom out.


Wyse hidden attributes was not being remembered when you quit. This problem was only in version 10.2.5

Upgrade to MacWise 10.2.6 or later


Window colors were OK but now are all wrong after running an older version of MacWise.

(Version 10.2.5 or later)
Select Colors... from the Window Menu. Click on "Reset to Defaults"


1. Selecting ASCII display mode could cause a String too large error or STR > 255.

2. When commumicating with the Mac unix shell, changing the window height did not change the height of the lines (rows) that scroll in the window.

Upgrade to MacWise version 10.2.4 or later

Note: If you change the window height while in the Mac unix shell, the unix shell will be notified that the number of rows to scroll has changed.
However, if you have the option set in Preferences to Limit the screen to 24 lines, it will not change.


If ANSI colors selected, opening a settings file could cause "unexpectedly quit".

Upgrade to MacWise version 10.2.3 or later


1. Various problems with settings files when using multiple session windows.

2. If MacWise Prefs folder was trashed, MacWise would get stuck in a loop requesting a QuickDial File.

Upgrade to MacWise version 10.2.2 or later


Login Connection Script would not work if host asked for terminal type during login.

Upgrade to MacWise version 10.1.3 or later


1. Some hosts would not recognize MacWise as a VT100 terminal.

2. If using a telnet connection and the connection was not open, doing a command K to clear the screen would cause MacWise to crash.

3. Selecting ASCII display with no connection open could cause MacWise to crash.

4. If selecting Serial / Modem from the Connection menu and no serial port was previously selected, the Serial / Modem menu selection would not change.

Upgrade to MacWise version 10.1.2 or later


Record to Clipboard is disabled.

Copying data to the clipboard too many times was causing an out of memory error (FBCtnrCopy error)

Changing the connection method in a window and then closing the window would not remove the window item from the Window Menu.

Upgrade to MacWise version 10.1.1 or later


Print Screen prints a blank page in Jaguar

Fixed in MacWise version 10.1 or later


Secure shell connections were not setting the unix environment to the TERM type. Symptom was that some hosts did not know what kind of terminal you were and emulation did not work properly. This also affected the emulation for Mac Unix Shell logins.

Fixed in MacWise version 10.0.6 or later


Characters could be misplaced on the screen and extra characters could appear intermittently.

Fixed in MacWise version 10.0.5 or later
(Was happening if input buffer was empty and MacWise needed just one more character to complete an escape sequence. Only happend with unix connections. Serial/modem was not affected)


Cannot open more than one window.
Cannot save settings as...
Connection Scripts dimmed

Upgrade to MacWise version 10.1 or later


Clicking on a URL or email address was not launching the appropriate application.

MacWise could crash if you did not have a serial port selected and tried to login to unix.

Open Connection upon Startup was not working for all types of connection methods.

Modem port was getting unchecked when you switched to unix. Now stays checked so you can switch between the two more easily.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.0.4 or later


Telnet sessions might not close connection completely
due to timing problem.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.0.3 or later


Print Screen in graphic mode would not work in Jaguar.

Upgrade to MacWise 10.0.3 or later


Slave printing causes "International not found" message

Upgrade to MacWise 10.0.2 or later



Visit the MacFixit site for general Mac troubleshooting.