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Serial Adapters and Modems

If you want to connect to your host with a serial connection, you will need a serial adapter.


Keyspan and generic adapters information:

NOTE: Keyspan is now owned by Tripplite.
Here are the drivers: (No Big Sur Driver as of November 2020)

Keyspan / Tripplite drivers here

Note: If you are using a non-Keyspan usb to serial device, you can most-likely get it working by using a generic pl2303 driver here... (Works with Monterey also)




Prolific USB Serial Adaptor
Works with Big Sur

The least expensive solution.

NOTE: Works with Big Sur also.


Keyspan "High Speed" USB Serial Adapter
Does not work with Big Sur as of November 2020

Uses a PC standard 9-Pin serial connector.


Keyspan Twin Serial.
Does not work with Big Sur as of November 2020

A little more expensive but you get two serial ports.
Uses standard Mac modem cable connectors which means you need a Mac modem cable also.

The Keyspan Adapter plugs into your Mac's USB port.
The other end of the whole assembly plugs into a RS232 cable going to your host computer.
Note: the "whole assembly" drawing shows an older style single-port adaptor.