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Using MacWise and Your Mac Laptop
to Dial Into Your Host Computer
with a Bluetooth Phone.

May 30th , 2006
by Rich Love

What if you could use your Mac Powerbook, iBook or MacBook with MacWise to dial into the office computer with your Bluetooth phone? That would be cool!

Now you can.

If your Bluetooth phone is within 30 feet of your laptop, you can dial into a host computer.
Bluetooth cell phones are evolving quickly. Most Bluetooth phones will connect at ISDN speeds, 128K, which is plenty fast for terminal emulation.

You will need:

  • A Powerbook, MacBook or iBook with Mac OS X
  • MacWise version 10 (
  • Bluetooth hardware (built-in or dongle)
  • Any Bluetooth phone (Sony Ericsson T637 or Motorola V557 for example)


Pairing your laptop with your Bluetooth phone

First, you need to pair your phone with your laptop. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in your phone and that Bluetooth is "Discoverable".


If the phone has not yet been paired with your laptop...

1. Run MacWise.

2. Select Serial / Modem from the Connection Menu.

3. Select Bluetooth-Modem from the Serial Port menu item under the Settings Menu.

4. Select Open Connection from the Connection Menu.

Look at your phone display. It will ask if you want to pair with the powerbook.

Select yes and then enter the passphrase 0000 on the phone.

A window will pop on on your Mac asking you to enter the passphrase.

Enter 0000

Dialer Settings in MacWise

Back in MacWise, type AT and the bluetooth phone modem will respond with OK.

You are now ready to use your mobile phone with MacWise.

Select "Enter QuickDial Number" from the Dialer Menu and enter the phone number that you will be using to connect to the office computer.

NOTE: You may need to add a semi-colon to the end of the phone number.
If you get a "No Carrier" message when you dial, then add ; to the end of the phone number.

Dialing Into the Office

Now, whenever you want to dial into the office, just select QuickDial from the Dialer Menu in MacWise.

Note: If your Phone is not turned on or is more than 30 feet away from your Powerbook, you will get a message that the bluetooth modem is busy (when you try to dial with MacWise).

You can save your MacWise settings and have one settings file for on the road with your phone and one settings file for when you are in the office. Store the settings files on your desktop and just double-click on the settings you want.

Rich Love is President and owner of Carnation Software

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