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Monday, May 01, 2006

VT100 / VT220 Emulation Fixes with MacWise 10.7.91

MacWise version 10.7.91 now supports C1 Control Characters converted from 8-bits to 7-bits in VT100 and VT220 emulations. If your host uses these codes, previous versions of MacWise would display the screen incorrectly. The symptoms were garbage characters on the screen and incorrect cursor positioning. In this mode, you can enable Strip 8th bit in MacWise but it allows special 8-bit characters to pass through and are converted to 7-bits. It also works with Strip 8th bit unchecked.

This version also fixes the left arrow key when Reverse Line Wrap is enabled.
Also, Insert Character mode is now supported in VT100 / VT220. This mode will shift all characters to the right when a character is inserted anywhere in a line (controlled by the host).

SOLUTION: Upgrade to MacWise 10.7.91 if you are having emulation problems with VT100 or VT200 terminal emulation.

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