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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Using MacWise with Modems

You are able to dial and connect using MacWise and your modem.
After you are connected, if you cannot type any characters or the modem hangs up on you, it could be that you have an incorrect modem init string. The init string that seems to work with most modems is AT&F%C1. That is a command to reset your modem to factory defaults and then set it to MNP5 error correction. That option was added to MacWise version 10.7.995 as a button you can click to enable the option. (Dialer Menu / Modem Initialization Strings / MNP5 Data Compession.
If you have a previous version, you can just click on the Custom button and type the string in as AT&F%C1

For more information about modem troubleshooting, see the page at