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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

MacWise Version 11 Released

This is the new universal version of MacWise and runs natively on Intel and Power PC Macs. Previous versions ran under Rosetta on Intel Macs. This version is much faster.

New Features:

• SPEED! Runs natively on Intel and PPC Macs. No more Rosetta. This was accomplished by converting the entire MacWise project from Basic to C.

• Added an option to enable or disable raw Unix mode for telnet, secure shell and the Mac Unix shell. This provides more compatibility options for connecting to host computers via the Mac Unix shell. This was always enabled for previous versions of MacWise. Turning off this option may let you log into hosts that would not respond to keystrokes.

• Added a "?" icon to several dialog boxes, which links to a "Help" pop-up, and added "Help" to many dialog box items, which appears when you hover the mouse over the text.

• Cleaned up the MacWise 11 folder by creating more folders and moving all help files inside.

• Connection Scripts... is located under the Connection Menu now instead of the File Menu.

• The standard Apple installer is now used.

Developed with FutureBasic and converted to C by Rich Love.
Special thanks to Robert Purves, Brian Stevens, Bernie and other members of the FBtoC team who made it possible for me to convert MacWise from FutureBasic to a universal Carbon C application with their free FBtoC software as well as their great support.
This was a seven-month long project.


Fix - None of the document icons were working in Leopard.
Now, the Phone icon, QuickDial icon, Fkey icon and Settings icons work.

Fix - Print scroll back buffer was printing blank pages if you tried printing selected pages 2 to 5 or 2 to 2, etc. Same problem existed for normal printing also. If you started printing from page one you were OK, but could not start printing from any other page number.

Fix - Mouse Click Delimiter window was returning back to emulation window when closed. Now returns back to preferences window, as it should.