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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Using Function Keys with MacWise

Function keys can be used from the keyboard or by clicking on the fkey with the mouse.
When you change your emulation type, you will also need to change the function keys being used.
If you are using Wyse or Viewpoint emulation, you can select "Wyse Function Keys" or "Viewpoint Function Keys" under the Emulate Menu.
If you are using any other emulation, you will need to load the function key set. This can be done by selecting "Function Key Sets" from the Emulate Menu. Then just double-click on the set you want.

Function Key sets as of 3/15/2008 are:
Mac unix fkeys - Common commands for the Mac unix shell
NWMLS Fkeys - for Northwest Multiple Listing Real Estate Services and VT100 emulation
Triad TV925 Fkeys - for Triad hosts and TV925 emulation
Triad Wyse Fkeys - for Triad hosts and Wyse emulation
Viewpoint Function Keys - Standard Viewpoint fkeys
Viewpoint Fkeys W/Page Up - has page up/down fkeys for Viewpoint emulation
VT100 Fkeys - Standard VT100 emulation fkeys
VT100 MLS Fkeys - Multiple Listing Service Fkeys for VT100
VT220 Fkeys - Standard VT220 Fkeys
VT220 MLS Fkeys - Multiple Listing service Fkeys for VT220
Xymox Fkeys - for Xymox, Xytec hosts and Wyse 370 emulation
Wyse Fkeys - Standard Wyse fkeys

More Fkey info...
Only F1 thru F10 are displayed unless you are using the 24-point large window.

If your fkeys do not work from the keyboard...

If you are using a laptop, it will have a fn key in the lower left corner of the keyboard.
You need to hold the fn key down when pressing a function key to make it work.
You can get around this by opening the Keyboard & Mouse control panel.
Select Keyboard & Mouse from the System Preferences Menu under the Apple Menu.
Click on the Keyboard tab.
There is an option that says, "Use all F1, F2, etc keys as standard function keys"
Put a check mark on that option. Now your function keys will work in MacWise.
If you want to use a function key to change screen brightness, sound, etc. then hold down the fn key.

Expose and Spaces can override MacWise function keys.
Select Expose & Spaces from the System Preferences Menu under the Apple Menu.
Click on the Expose tab. Change any function keys that conflict with the fkeys you use in MacWise.
If you change the fkey to a dash, it will disable that fkey in Expose entirely.

MacWise actually supported fkeys in the old days when there were no fkeys on Mac keyboards.
If you do an option 1 you will get F1, Option - Shift 1 for Shiffed F1 etc.
Numbered keys from 1 thru 10 on the top row are F1 thru F10
F11 thru F16 are the qwerty keys.

Also, You can Edit all of the fkeys by selecting Edit Fkeys from the Emulate Menu.
You can move the function of a fkey from one fkey to another...
For instance, you could edit F12 and click the Copy button. Then edit another fkey that is visible on the screen and click the Paste Key. That makes that fkey have the function of F12.