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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Using MacWise with Modems

You are able to dial and connect using MacWise and your modem.
After you are connected, if you cannot type any characters or the modem hangs up on you, it could be that you have an incorrect modem init string. The init string that seems to work with most modems is AT&F%C1. That is a command to reset your modem to factory defaults and then set it to MNP5 error correction. That option was added to MacWise version 10.7.995 as a button you can click to enable the option. (Dialer Menu / Modem Initialization Strings / MNP5 Data Compession.
If you have a previous version, you can just click on the Custom button and type the string in as AT&F%C1

For more information about modem troubleshooting, see the page at


Friday, February 16, 2007

Slave Printing - Print Dialog Box Delay

MacWise version 10.7.996 fixes a problem with slave printing (or aux printing).
The symptom was that the print dialog box was taking too long to appear after the print job stopped. Sometimes it would never appear until you manually unchecked "Printer On" under the File Menu. This problem started with version 10.7.99 and is fixed with 10.7.996

The timeout is now set to 5 seconds. MacWise will wait 5 seconds for the host to stop sending print data before displaying the print dialog box.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Recent Versions of MacWise Terminal Emulation for Mac



Fix - VT100 and VT220 emulation - graphics mode was not returning back to text mode when Replacement mode was selected by the host. Symtom was that you could see graphic characters on the screen instead of normal text characters.

Fix - VT100 and VT220 emulation - Allow the host to send cursor positioning to row 255 and column 255. Some hosts use this as a dummy position and then request the actual cursor position from MacWise. Previous versions of MacWise worked when in SCO ANSI mode only. Now works if SCO ANSI is on or off.

Feature - Added MNP5 data compression to the list of available modem init strings.

Fix - If you typed in your own modem init string, it would not be remembered unless you had the "Custom String" button enabled. Instead, it would revert back to the preset button you had enabled. Now, when you enter your own modem init string and click OK, the string will be remembered and the "Custom String" button will be enabled.



Feature/Fix - Window size was not being remembered when you opened a settings file.
Now all saved settings files will save the window size and position.
(Older settings files saved prior to this version will need to be re-saved to take advantage this feature).
You also need to enable an option in Preferences, "Remember Window Positions and Size". By default, this option is disabled to make windows open at standard window sizes.



Feature - Added the option to move forward and backward through open windows using Next Window and Previous Window under the Window Menu.
Can also use keyboard shortcuts, Command ] and Command [

Fix - Re-sizing a window while in the "vi" editor, would cause an exit to the unix prompt.

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