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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MacWise 11.29 Released

May 20, 2008

MacWise version 11 was released in early March 2008
It is the universal version that runs natively on Intel Macs and PowerPC Macs.
The program was converted from Basic to C during an intensive 7-month long project.
After a couple months of bug squashing, MacWise is currently at version 11.29 with no outstanding bugs being reported.

Click here to download the latest version of MacWise.

Here are the most recent version fixes.

Version 11.29

Fix - Terminal type may have not been recognized by the host with telnet connections.

The terminal type you enter in the Telnet Connection... window may have been ignored on some Macs. This problem surfaced in MacWise version 11 because it is faster than version 10 and was sending the telnet environment commands to the Mac unix shell too fast before opening the connection.

Version 11.27

Feature - More VT220 keys supported - Insert, Del, Home and End.

The help key is used as the Insert key or you can use Option i.

(Help keys on some keyboards are labeled ins / help).

Note: the Page Up/Down keys in this group of keys were already supported by VT220.

Wyse 60 /370 emulation has always supported all of these keys.

Fix - After opening a new serial connection, the emulation window was not active until you clicked on it.

Fix - If preferences were set to "Mouse click sends column,row to host", then clicking the mouse was sending row 11 to the host instead of the actual row.

Fix - ESC ~a~ not working to run an Applescript under host control. You would get an error because the AppleScript folder could not be found.

Version 11.25

Feature / Fix - Sped up event timing to make keystrokes faster.

Auto key repeat is now faster.

Fix - When the host switched to 132 column mode, it was possible that text would not appear on the screen to the right of the 80th column in some rare cases.

Fix - When you switch to 24 point window, the 132 column font will now change to 12 automatically, Also when you switch to 16 point window, it will change 132 column font to 9 automatically.

Fix - Now supports Origin Mode for VT100 / VT220

Fix - Allow Control O to be used with telnet when the "Use TC Shell" option is disabled.

Fix - Possible array bounds error if textwrap was turned off.

Entire version history is here.