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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MacWise Version 11 Function Keys Highlighted by Tab Key

If your MacWise function keys highlight each time you press the tab key, It's a feature, not a bug :-)
This is actually a feature of OS X, not MacWise. But you can disable it.

In the Keyboard & Mouse Preferences, in System Preferences, there is an option for full keyboard access.
If it is set to All Controls, it will cause the tab key to select the MacWise function keys. Each time you press the tab key, the next function key will be highlighted.
This can inadvertently be turned on by mistake by hitting Control F7.
To fix this problem, Open the Keyboard & Mouse Preference window and click on the Keyboard Shortcuts tab and select "Text boxes and lists only".
Then uncheck the option to "Move between controls or text boxes and lists".
See attached screen shot.