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Monday, November 10, 2008

MacWise 11.48 and fixes since 11.29

As of November, 10 2008, MacWise version 11.48 is the latest version.
Here are the fixes and enhancements from versions 11.30 through 11.48



Fix - Taking too much time to launch MacWise.
Caused by changes in version 11.47
Now back to fast startup time.



Fix - AppleScript commands "CaptureOn" and "SendHostMessage" were not working with previous 11.x versions.
(See the folder called "MacWise Sample AppleScripts").



Fix - If you use a barcode scanner as keyboard input, some barcode scanners could intermittently cause the first character to be dropped when scanning a barcode to the MacWise screen.



Feature - New iPhone screen size can be selected from the Window Menu. MacWise can now be accessed from your iPhone or iPod using Mocha VNC

Get instructions for using MacWise with iPhone



Fix - If you had "End Each Line with CR/LF" enabled in Mac To Host Transfer Options, it was not being remembered.



Fix - Screen Textwrap was not being remembered when you quit MacWise and ran again.



Fix - Keyboard input now much faster. If you are using a barcode reader, MacWise can now accept input from the reader at full speed.



Feature -This version adds a new 18-Point font size and large window.
This new window size fits perfectly on a MacBook Air screen.
It also fits nicely on other MacBook models.

The new 18-Point Font Window has a size of 1044 X 700
The MacBook Air native resolution is 1280 X 800, so the new MacWise window size leaves 100 pixels at the bottom for your Dock.

It also fits nicely on a 1024 X 768 screen filling the entire width and leaving room at the bottom for the Dock.



Fix - If the host tried to reset the arrow keys for Wyse 60 or Wyse 370 mode back to default, MacWise was blanking out the arrow keys instead of setting them to Wyse defaults.

Fix - Special 8-bit characters for function keys - Could not enter any special keystrokes in the Fkey Command field when editing function key commands.
(Option 2 or Option Shift G , etc.)



Feature - You can now optionally use the 24-point font and large window on a MacBook Air.
The MacBook Air screen is not tall enough to display the function keys at the bottom of the screen with this larger window. But you can use the function keys from the keyboard.


1. The MacBook Air and some other MacBook models have a default screen resolution of 1280 X 800.
The 24-point MacWise window is 1280 X 865 (65 pixels taller than the screen).
You will need to position the OS X Dock on the right side of the screen to make room for 24 lines of data in the MacWise window or hide the dock.

2. The bottom scroll bar arrow will not be visible. To scroll, use the page up/down keys.

3. Do not click on the green button to size the window smaller. That will only allow 21 lines of data to be displayed and will cause scrolling problems on a 24 line screen.

4. If the above limitations are a problem for you then please use the 16-point font and large window instead. People with aging eyes will appreciate the capability to use the larger 24-point font window on the small MacBook screen.



Fix - Version 11.32 was installing all of the MacWise files at the root level of the drive. The installer should create a MacWise 11 folder inside of the Applications folder. Also, MacWise font was not being installed.



Fix - The Clear key was intermittently not working. It is used in Wyse 60 and VT extended keypad modes.

Fix - Control E was not working.



Fix - Window transparency value was not being remembered when you quit.

Fix - Half duplex mode was not being remembered when you quit.